Double the life of Lead Acid Batteries

– the number one battery additive worldwide

Battery Equaliser™ has been tested and proven to be the #1 battery additive worldwide for the last 25 years!

What is Battery Equaliser™?

Scientifically tested and proven, our liquid chemical additive Battery Equaliser is proven to effectively double the battery life of all (new or used) Lead Acid Batteries. It is as easy to apply as watering the battery. This easy to use, do-it-yourself Battery Equaliser™ is formulated to be non-corrosive and non-flammable, extending both the performance and life expectancy of your batteries. With our improved chemical formula, Battery Equaliser™ reduces battery corrosion and shedding in new batteries, and sustains the life of older batteries by breaking down existing sulfation.

*Note: Battery Equaliser™ will not fix or repair a dead cell.

What are the benefits?

Battery Equaliser™ is not only improving the life of your battery but also saving money as well as creating a safer environment. Normally maintained, Battery Equaliser™ will:

  • Longer the life of your battery: Easily apply Battery Equaliser™ and it will double the life of the battery.
  • Increases Charge Acceptance: The battery will charge much faster which means you will safe money by reducing the consumption of energy.
  • Increases Discharge (Running) Time: Our product is leading to a longer run time of the battery. You have less down time on recharging.
  • Increases Storage Time: If you are storing your battery and not using it, Battery Equaliser™ will help keeping the power much longer. Battery Equaliser helps batteries stay healthier.
  • Saves money: It is reducing the operating costs, the money you spend to buy new batteries, man-hours and utility bills.
  • Decreases Internal Resistance: Breaks down the sediment which causes internal resistance allowing the electric current to flow unhindered.
  • Safer Environment: It promotes up to 40% reduction in gassing volume. Less gassing means lower maintenance and a safer, cleaner environment.

Example of an Annual PM (doses of equaliser):

Type of battery: A 36 volt (700Ah – 850Ah) 18 cell forklift battery.
Amount of Battery Equaliser™ added: 80-100 ml per cell
Total Cost: ~ $108.00

To treat a car battery it will cost you about $7.50 per battery. You just need as little as 15ml per cell. You don’t have to spend the money for a new battery and keeping it in service twice as long.

Which Batteries are suitable for Battery Equaliser™?

Battery Equaliser™ can be used with all (flooded) lead-acid batteries. This is including Deep-Cycle batteries, Non-Sealed batteries, Traction batteries and batteries for electric vehicles. Following you will find a more detailed list:

Vehicles Electric Vehicle Watercrafts Industrials Others
Cars Electric mobility cars Boats Any kind of Industrial Machiner Airplanes
Motorbikes Golf Carts Jet Skis Forklifts Solar Cells
Buses Personal Watercrafts UPS and BES Backup power supplies
RVs + Motorhomes Floor Scrubbers
Caravans Mining

The Problem of untreated batteries — Sulfation

The main problem is that sulfation is starting to coat the lead plates as soon as electrolyte is added to a new battery. A result is internal resistance which reduces the overall performance and – in some years – kills all electrical activity.

Battery Equaliser™ will combine with the electrolyte solution and terminate the shedding, breaking down the existing sulphation and prevent new deposit from forming. The treated batteries will cause many positive effects like charging faster and running longer.
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