Welcome to the Battery Equaliser-Blog! You will find many articles about the research & science behind our product, news about the battery industry and general knowledge & information about batteries. Have a look at the list or use a filter to separate the articles by category.

How to maintain a battery?

A battery can be compared to a piggy-bank, if you keep taking out without replacing its contents, soon you will have nothing left. As the energy requirements of consumer products has increased, battery life expectancy has decreased, even the most sophisticated modern batteries often fail to last as long as […]

Interesting facts about batteries

In this article we want to give you some interesting facts about batteries and do-it-yourself guides for testing batteries, buying a new battery or how to charge your battery. How to test a battery? Did you ever wonder how you can┬átest a battery on your own? They are different ways […]

Does Battery Equaliser work?

Like with all other products which are relatively new or not well known, it is necessary to give you proof that Battery Equaliser is working. There are many product tests as well as research that had been done. In this article we want to summarise some of these tests and […]
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