Battery Equaliser™ – Product Overview

Battery EqualiserEmerging as part of graduate research project, our patented formula is now available as the Battery Equaliser™ product in over 30 countries worldwide. Our teams in Australia, Asia, South Africa and the United States work closely together to deliver a quality product best suited to the international market. Get here an product overview:

Battery Equaliser™ – the solution

Our Battery Equaliser™ can be used to treat both new and used batteries by preventing sulfation and shedding. Sulfation is the natural outcome of acid batteries charge cycle in which sediment builds up within the battery; this inhibits the flow of electrons between the battery terminals and eventually leads to battery failure. Our Battery Equaliser™ reacts with the batteries internal components to reduce sulfation, firstly by returning the sulphur to solution, and secondly by permeating the internal lead plates and forming a protective metal alloy. Our formula is designed to:

  • Offer equal voltage
  • Equal amps
  • And equal specific gravity across every battery-cell.

Equalising the charge

Historically providing an “equalising charge” has been the only solution to reduce sulfation within lead acid batteries, today our Battery Equaliser™ finally offers an alternative. As the only patented product on the market proven to effectively reduce sulfation, our Battery Equaliser™ increases battery longevity and improves battery performance.

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