How to use Battery Equaliser™?

How to apply Battery Equaliser?To use our product just follow these simple steps. If you apply Battery Equaliser™ in the right way, it will bring the desired effect and improve the lifetime of your battery.

Directions for Use

  1. Shake Battery Equaliser™ well before using.
  2. Please avoid the direct contact with sunlight and metals.
  3. Safety glasses are recommended if you work with batteries.
  4. Please check the level of acid in each cell.
  5. Use the dosage chart below to add Battery Equaliser™ to the cells.
  6. It is important to charge the battery or – optional – continue with normal use after the treatment.
  7. To reach the maximum effect, apply our product for 5 charging-discharging cycles.
  8. After treatment wash thoroughly with water and soap to remove the Equaliser and the electrolyte.

Dosage Formula Usage Chart

Battery Equaliser™ should be part of an annual preventive maintenance program on all motive power batteries. Please contact us via phone: 0418 673 4200418 673 420, e-mail: or contact form if your battery is not in this chart and we will tell you the amount.

Type of Battery Number of Cells Battery Equaliser™ Required Total Amount Required Recommended Purchase
24-Volt Forklift 12 cells 100 ml per cell 1200 ml Two 1 Litre bottles
N36-Volt Forklift 18 cells 100 ml per cell 1800ml Two 1 Litre bottles
48-Volt Forklift 24 cells 100 ml per cell 2400ml Three 1 Litre bottles
6 -Volt Golf Carts 3 cells 60 ml per cell 180 ml One 1 Litre bottle (treats 5)
8-Volt Golf Cart 4 cells 60 ml per cell 320ml One 1 Litre bottle (treats 3)
12-Volt Deep Cycle 6 cells 30 ml per cell 360ml One 1 Litre bottle (treats 2)
12-Volt Large Truck 8-D 6 cells 60 ml per cell 360ml One 1 Litre bottle (treats 2)
6TN & 6TL 12-volt Military 6 cells 30 ml per cell 180ml One 1 Litre bottle (treats 5)
Auto 12-volt 6 cells 15 ml per cell 90ml One 1 Litre bottle (treats 11)

Please note! The dose Formula for Industrial Batteries is the following:

  • 100 ml per cell or
  • 15 ml for every 100 amp hour per cell

…whichever is greater. A 1000 ampere hour battery for example requires 150 ml per cell.

The Re-Treatment with Battery Equaliser™

For Starting Batteries please retreat every two to four years. Please note that this depends on the climate.For Deep Cycle Batteries please retreat annually or every two years if the battery is not cycled or used daily. Batteries cannot be harmed by over-treatment. See the back of bottle label for more information on Directions for Use and Dosage Formula or contact us.

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