Order the Battery Equaliser™ now and improve the lifetime, the running time, the charge acceptance as well as the storage time.


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Dosage chart

Refer to the Dosage Chart below for other applications.

12 Volt Car Battery 15ml per cell
12 Volt Deep Cycle Battery 30ml per cell
6 Volt Car Battery 30ml per cell
6 Volt Golf Cart Battery 60ml per cell
8 Volt Golf Cart Battery 60ml per cell
12 Volt Large Truck Battery 60ml per cell (8HD or 8D)
24-36-48 Volt Forklift Battery 100ml per cell, or 15ml per 100 Ah per cell (1000 Ah = 150ml per cell) Please use whichever is greater for maximum benefit
STN & 6TL Batteries For Military Use 30ml per cell

Freight Costs

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Bulk & Trade Inquiries

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