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“I have worked here at Engebretson-Grupe co Inc for twelve plus years in many capacities. In those years I have seen and heard plenty of sales pitches. I, as a Product Operations Manager, am constantly looking how to improve our efficiency. We operate seven electric pallet jacks ranging for one-year-old 24-volt lifts to decade old 12-volt lifts. Dale and Glen Cassidy approached me the first week of May 1999, regarding a battery additive they were introduced into our area. I explained that we would be willing to try the Battery Equaliser product but on a test basis and that, we would be willing to provide a pallet jack as a test bed. Glenn and Dale performed initial battery tests, which showed the battery to have acceptable gravity readings and voltage of 12.53. On May 12, 1999 they added the product in this battery that had some age, still in decent condition, but the unit did not hold a charge well.

The Cassidy’s returned May 26, 1999 and took readings off the tested battery and it showed an increase in specific gravity and the voltage was up to 13.04 volts. Unfortunately, we had not completed five charging and discharging cycles to see its potential greater improvement.

On June 24, 1999, Dale and Glen Cassidy returned to take final readings after the five cycles were completed. The battery had a good specific gravity number of 1.265 and the voltage had increased to 16.10 volts. I explained to the Cassidys, I personally experienced an improvement on the tested pallet jack when I operated it before and after the test.

I was genuinely surprised with the Battery Equaliser additive results. The pallet jack we tested now has full capacity and noticable performance improvement. We intend on ordering the Battery Equaliser for the balance of our pallet jack equipment. I am very satisfied with the Equaliser’s performance and would recommend it to those looking to main their batteries at optimum performance and longevity.”

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