Rustenburg Platinum Mines Ltd, South Africa

Rustenburg Platinum Mines South Africa review for Battery Equaliser“I have noticed that here at Frank 1 shaft batteries have been a major maintenance headache. There were various reasons such as having five battery attendants to cover eighteen battery bays, poor tracking on battery tanks and general maintenance being of poor quality. I have sent attendants to Willard for training but we definitely will have to address the labour requirements.

All this led us to our problems. I noticed good voltages but poor S.G’s. I came to hear about a product named Battery Equaliser. I contacted the people and they came out to the shaft. I had two sets of batteries on 21 level to test the product. We administered the Battery Equaliser after taking volt readings and S.G. readings. This was done on the 8th November. Today these cells have recovered at a remarkable rate. Initially on Battery no 1A – night shift I had planned to replace six cells now I only need to replace one. On Battery No 31 – nightshift – I had planned to replace seven cells – I only replaced three cells…

I apologise if I took the initiative in my own hands as I was ready to pull the hair out of my scalp. I was so convinced that I had to try this product which has proven itself as far as Canada in extreme cold conditions and Australia in extreme heat conditions.

The gentleman that perfected this product flew in from Australia last night and he would like to visit us on Frank 1 shaft on Tuesday 26 November to follow up on their product. I saw Hannes Henning recently and he told me that he also had some Battery Equaliser but had not used it yet. I recommended that he do so. I would like to purchase some more of this with your permission of course.

Herewith is a brochure – please read it as it contains excellent information. There is also an excellent battery cleaner product that will help with my bad tracking conditions. I shall submit a quotation. I hope this information will be of some use to us.”

P O’Neill | Senior Foreman Electrical

Rustenburg Platinum Mines Ltd review for Battery Equaliser

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