Traction Energy, South Africa

Traction Energy South Africa review

“Our company is a manufacturer of lead acid batteries in South Africa with 200 clients in our region.
We have introduced the product, Battery Equaliser, as part of our ongoing service to our clients.
Being aware of the various additives that have made similar claims in the past, we were initially dubious to the products’ effectiveness. We are however very pleased with the results achieved with this new product.

Battery Equaliser is truly major breakthrough in effective battery maintenance from which all users of lead acid batteries will benefit. Every major chain store in South Africa is now coming on line using the product, both for its ecological and cost saving merit. Traction Energy is pleased to endorse Battery Equaliser as a cost efficient means of battery maintenance and protection.”

Traction Energy from South Africa review for the EqualiserL. De Vos | Sales Manager

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