Trade Centre, South Africa

Trade CentreSouth Africa review for Battery Equaliser“We have been running tests with the Battery Equaliser product since November 1996. We were experiencing many problems with the batteries in our electric forklift vehicles and the cost of replacement was very high. We were at first sceptical of the product but having batteries which only ran for 2 or 3 hours was in itself a massive problem. We treated 2 batteries which were already scrapped and we found that they were capable of fulfilling an entire shift of 8 hours. There was no doubt that the product was capable of all the statements made in the promotional brochure.

The night shift batteries are now running for the entire shift with only one charge whereas before they required two charges. The day shift batteries are completing an entire shift on one charge. Trade Centre Hillfox believes that Battery Equaliser is a truly fantastic product and we would recommend it very strongly to anyone using lead acid batteries.”

Rob Pierce | Administration Manager

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