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“On August of 1998, GSM Company began a test of a product called Battery Equaliser. This is a liquid additive that when put into lead acid batteries will increase operating time and extend the life of the battery. The forklift used by the IMA supply section was used for the test. The fork lift was charged without the battery additive for two cycles. Its average operating time for the two charged cycles was 3.6 hours.

After the two dry cycles the battery additive was added to the same battery. The fork lift went through two charging cycles. The average operating time after the Battery Equaliser was added was 6.4 hours of operation. This is an increase of almost three hours of operating time. This item can be effective in the daily operations of the IMA supply section as well as any other section in GSM Company where lead acid batteries are used.”

James Castro | Float Representative | Camp Pendleton, General Support Maintenance Company

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